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Planet Home


Planet Home is a creative and immersive showcase of experiences that aims to accelerate mass adoption of actionable solutions to protect the health of our planet. During the 3-day flagship event, Planet Home brought together world-renowned leaders, artists, technologists, policymakers, and researchers to present their insights and ideas on Environmental Solutionism.

Karelaine was part of a team to create Spectrum, one of the immersive experiences at the heart of the Planet Home Village. Spectrum is an introspective journey allowing you to examine behavioral practices that directly affect our planet and reflect on how taking care of yourself allows you to care for our shared planet.


The Experience.

The journey through Spectrum begins with a room of vintage TVs playing old videos highlighting how our culture is absorbed by technology and media that distract us from mindfulness practices. This has led to a fast-paced lifestyle resulting in the use of items that are disposed of after single-use.


The journey then leads you to an area of self-reflection with mirrors and a wall of single-use plastics collected from the streets of Los Angeles and painted in a wave of color with a giant water droplet illuminated at the center.


As you turn the corner, you enter the destination and final space, a room full of organic and repurposed materials, nature, and a warm lounge vibe to foster human connection and a feeling of presence. A "Wall of Commitment" invites guests to commit to one lifestyle change that will help reduce our dependency on single-use plastics and promote a positive impact on our planet home.

Design Process.

After dreaming up the concept, the design process for Spectrum began with creating the art wall dividing the two worlds: one side covered in single-use plastics collected from the streets of Los Angeles, painted in a spectrum of color, the other side constructed with reclaimed wood shelves and painted a warm sunset hue. 3D models aided in the design and fabrication process.

Building the Experience.

The challenge of building the experience of Spectrum was to transform an empty room inside the heart of the Planet Home Village in just two days. Using the art wall, the room was divided into the various layers of the journey: from media and plastic overload, on to self-reflection, eventually emerging into an oasis lounge of self-awareness, human connection, and positive environmental commitments.

Welcome to Spectrum.

The Spectrum space welcomed thousands of Planet Home attendees for the weekend-long event that brought together a community of Environmental Solutionists to be immersed in this exciting, educational, and inspirational experience focused on creating a better tomorrow for people and planet.

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