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Lightning in a Bottle


Lightning in a Bottle is more than just a music and arts festival. It's a multi-day, immersive experience full of adventure, creativity, and joy. It's a movement that fosters community and culture through educational workshops, promotes land stewardship and sustainability, features local artists, and of course, curates an inspiring lineup of music and performances.

Karelaine worked for Do LaB, the company that created Lightning in a Bottle,  as a landscape designer and graphic designer. Do Lab is also well known for continuously creating one of the most iconic stages at the world-famous Coachella Music & Arts Festival.


Landscape Architecture.

In collaboration with the Do LaB team, Karelaine mapped out the entire event space, which ranged from approximately 360 acres to 530 acres at different locations in California. Using a combination of AutoCAD and Rhino, the master production maps were drafted with every detail, from stage and structure locations to drinking water stations. In addition, various detail maps were created for everything from traffic control to security to sanitation.

Graphic Design.

Using a combination of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop as well as Rhino for the 3D elements, Karelaine also designed the public illustrative map for the tens of thousands of attendees. Festival-goers used this to locate campsites, stages, bathrooms, vendors, food, water stations, and more.


All photos sourced from Do LaB. Click on image for photographer credits.

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