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Wonderfruit is a music, culture, and arts festival held annually in Thailand. This unique 5-day carbon-neutral event thrives to develop, encourage, and innovate meaningful relationships with ourselves and nature. From stages to art installations, the event space is imaginatively designed using environmentally innovative materials. Beyond music and performances, Wonderfruit also sets the stage for educational workshops and thought leaders from around the world.

Karelaine joined the Ocean SOS team at Wonderfruit in 2018 to build a pavilion that brings together local and international initiatives dedicated to ocean regeneration. The project showcased innovations in plastic repurposing, behavior change towards reusability, circular economy, and sustainable economic development.


Building the Experience.

After establishing the conceptual design, the Ocean SOS team traveled to Thailand to construct the interactive ocean conservation pavilion at Wonderfruit. The materials consisted of local, upcycled bamboo, constructed in the shape of a giant manta ray. The decor featured plastics and waste gathered from an ocean clean-up day at a local beach.


During the day, the Ocean SOS pavilion served as a makerspace, hosting workshops centered around water conservation and environmental activism. During these hands-on experiences, attendees learned skills that they could apply to their everyday lives, from rainwater harvesting to harnessing the sun to creating light with upcycled plastic.


At night, the Ocean SOS pavilion opened its stage to speakers and thought leaders from around the world. Presentations ranged from artificial intelligence to biodiversity to conservation to regenerative agriculture and more.

Graphic Design.

Using Adobe InDesign and Illustrator, Karelaine designed and created the poster for the Ocean SOS pavilion schedule. Printed and on display at the structure, the poster highlighted all the workshops and speakers featured at the pavilion throughout the weekend. Karelaine was also part of the construction team and co-hosted all workshops and experiences.


Photos sourced from the Wonderfruit website.

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