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North Los Angeles Residence


Karelaine was hired as the landscape architect and project manager for the redesign of a large residential property in northern Los Angeles.

The goal of the project was to transform the existing property into a lush landscape with outdoor living spaces for relaxing and edible gardening, as well as spaces suitable for entertaining guests at large gatherings. Priorities also included the preservation of existing trees, water conservation with a reduction in turfgrass and drought-tolerant plants, and new irrigation and landscape lighting.


Conceptual Design.

Based on the client's goals and the vision for the project, the conceptual design was created utilizing multiple programs. The site plan schematic was first drafted in 2D and then turned into a 3D model in Rhino. Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator were used to illustrate the conceptual master plan. Lastly, Adobe InDesign was used to create the presentation for the client.


Construction Drawings.

The construction drawing set was drafted in Rhino and included all the technical maps and detailed information for the contracted landscape construction crew. Drawings included the overall site plan, the hardscape plan with dimensions and keynotes, the planting plan with plant species and locations, as well as two landscape lighting plans - one for the back garden and one for the front garden.

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