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Majestic Eclectic


Majestic Eclectic is a full-service event production agency that creates  intimate experiences, immersive environments, and creative performances.

The goal for this project was to develop a brand identity inspired by the client's mission: to spread love, joy, and connection through event production along with unique curation of heart-opening activations. The work involved a full brand development including logo design, website design, color palette, typography, brand book, social media templates, and business card design.


Logo Design.

Majestic Eclectic's logo design is embedded with symbolism that represents both the client's identity and the brand's personality and uniqueness. Three logo versions were designed for ultimate usage flexibility: horizontal and square with the brand's name, and a stand-alone logo symbol.

Website Design.

Majestic Eclectic's website was designed to highlight its offerings - from production to curation to consulting. It's a portal into their colorful world of immersive experiences, creative performances, and event production.


Social Media Templates.

Social media templates were designed to reflect Majestic Eclectic's mission, vision and values. From informative images to inspirational quotes, this collection of assets captures the essence of the brand.


Business Cards.

Majestic Eclectic's business cards were designed to pop! The combination of black with bright colors, a matte finish, and raised spot gloss lettering make these cards stand out from the crowd.


Brand Book.

Majestic Eclectic's brand book showcases the brand's identity. It highlights the symbology behind the logo, the brand's values, the color palette, and typography.

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