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Asha Apothecary


Asha Apothecary is a purposed-driven, hemp & wellness brand that blends organically grown hemp CBD and science-backed immunity formulations through a personalized approach. Backed by Science. Made with Magic.


Asha creates Earth-friendly products with the highest standards and radical transparency through research, education, and third-party verifications. Asha is a firm believer in the power of education, community, and science with multiple non-profit and university partnerships that elevate environmental justice and regenerate the planet.


Logo Design.

Asha Apothecary's logo design features the triangle symbol, which represents manifestation, enlightenment, and hope. And since the name Asha is Sanskrit for "hope," the triangle became the foundation for the branding. Elements from the logo were then used to design the submark.


Website Design.

Asha Apothecary's website was designed to achieve several goals. Not only does it highlight its products in an online store, it also serves as a platform for education through its extensive online channels. Topics range from hemp research to self-care practices to information about regeneration and sustainability, all core components of the brand's mission.


Social Media Templates.

Social media templates were designed to promote Asha Apothecary's products as well as highlight its mission, vision, and values. From sales promotions to infographics to inspirational quotes, each asset reflects the core essence of the brand and showcases its dedication to making magic.


Brand Book.

Asha Apothecary's brand book showcases the core brand's identity and aesthetic. It features the mission and values, tagline and tone of voice, logo and submark, color palette and typography, as well as a shopper profile and introduction to the company's founders.


Packaging Design.

The packaging for Asha Apothecary's product line was designed to reflect the brand's modern yet mysterious aesthetic. The metallic logo pops on the dark matte label - a unique look that stands out from the crowd. Each product is distinguished by its own color from the brand's color palette.

Business Cards.

Asha Apothecary's business cards were designed to have a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic. The combination of a matte black background and a metallic logo and lettering create a mysterious yet refined look.


Pitch Deck.

The pitch deck illustrates Asha Apothecary's positioning within the industry as well as key metrics related to its target audience and investors. It highlights the brand's achievements and milestones as well as future opportunities and a roadmap for success.

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