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Global Green


Global Green is a non-profit organization focused on integrating the shared interests of people, places, and planet through partnerships and catalytic impact. They envision and strive for a planet where there is no conflict between our economic needs and sustainable systems of life.

Karelaine joined the organization as a Program Manager of their Los Angeles programs through The Future Reference, a company that defines and executes strategic change for a more sustainable future with the expertise of leading climate scientists, top corporate and political strategists, and cultural communicators.


Food Waste Rescue Program.

Food waste is a global problem that encompasses issues from hunger to climate change to public health and our economy. To help combat these issues, Karelaine co-developed a pilot program in the City of Santa Monica, CA. As program manager of the Food Waste Prevention & Rescue Program, Karelaine led a team that trained local businesses to implement waste prevention, recycling, and diversion from landfills. By teaching companies the skills and tools to be advocates for a zero-waste future, the model was an effective strategy to build strong communities, feed those in need, expand recycling and composting programs, and ultimately, increase awareness, participation, and sustainable business practices.


Eco-Ambassador Program.

Karelaine also managed Global Green's Eco-Ambassador Program, an initiative designed to train local residents on how to assess waste logistics in their building, set up an organics recycling program, and perform outreach to landlords and neighbors. Karelaine and her team led training workshops for Eco-Ambassadors to educate them on environmental stewardship, including the importance of recycling, composting, and waste reduction, which empowered them to become community leaders in their neighborhoods.

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